Bug 271734 - Option to use the MEMO field as the Payee on local OXF import
Summary: Option to use the MEMO field as the Payee on local OXF import
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Product: kmymoney
Classification: Applications
Component: general (show other bugs)
Version: 4.5.3
Platform: Debian unstable Linux
: NOR wishlist
Target Milestone: ---
Assignee: KMyMoney Devel Mailing List
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Reported: 2011-04-26 00:55 UTC by Vincent Frison
Modified: 2014-09-25 13:46 UTC (History)
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OFX import dialogue screen (256.29 KB, image/x-xcf)
2014-09-03 17:48 UTC, Jeff Thurgood

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Description Vincent Frison 2011-04-26 00:55:45 UTC
Version:           4.5.3 (using KDE 4.4.5) 
OS:                Linux

It would be so nice if the Payee source could be configured on OFX import (because banks don't respect everytime the OFX standard in their online reports).

Apparently it's possible to do that when you use online banking but what about local OFX import ?

Reproducible: Always

The feature is request was born here :
Thanks a lot,
Comment 1 David Alston 2011-06-22 04:15:41 UTC
This issue is also a concern for me.  I need to be able to import old statements and have them automatically categorized so that I don't go crazy with data-entry.

I also use a local bank that doesn't seem especially concerned with giving their customers direct computer access to their accounts.  Local imports from OFX reports I download from the web interface will probably be my best option.
Comment 2 Thomas Baumgart 2011-09-30 18:37:18 UTC
SVN commit 1256519 by tbaumgart:

Added capability to select the payee source when importing OFX files. More information can be found on https://svn.reviewboard.kde.org/r/6777/

FEATURE: 271734
REVIEW: 6777

 M  +10 -2     kmymoney.cpp  
 M  +1 -1      kmymoney.h  
 M  +14 -1     plugins/importinterface.h  
 M  +2 -2      plugins/interfaces/kmmimportinterface.cpp  
 M  +1 -1      plugins/interfaces/kmmimportinterface.h  
 M  +4 -0      plugins/ofximport/CMakeLists.txt  
 A             plugins/ofximport/importoption.ui  
 M  +11 -1     plugins/ofximport/ofximporterplugin.cpp  

WebSVN link: http://websvn.kde.org/?view=rev&revision=1256519
Comment 3 Jeff Thurgood 2014-09-03 12:17:03 UTC
Has this fix been released yet?  

My bank allows me to download statements as OFX files, it does not support "direct connect", and the payee id is always provided in the <NAME> field.  On import, MSMoney and Gnucash handle it correctly and put the correct payee into the ledger.  Kmymoney on the other hand always ignores that field and inserts the payee as "Cash Withdrawal".  I find this somewhat frustrating!
I am using kmymoney 4.6.4, both under Windows XP and under Debian Linux (jessie).

If the fix is still awaiting testing, is there any way I can get it to test it?

Comment 4 Cristian Oneț 2014-09-03 12:31:41 UTC
Yes it has been released. You need to select the proper option while selecting the OFX file like shown here https://svn.reviewboard.kde.org/r/6777/s/618/. On Windows it probably won't work if the native file dialog is used.
Comment 5 Jeff Thurgood 2014-09-03 17:48:11 UTC
Created attachment 88549 [details]
OFX import dialogue screen

Thank you for your response.
The screen print that you have given the link for is exactly the on that I had been hoping to see, but unfortunately not.
I import the OFX file by clicking: File>Import>ofx...: and I am presented with the dialogue screen that I have attached.  This the same in Windows XP (v 4.6.4) and Debian Linux (now v 4.6.6).  As you see, the option to select where to take the payee data from is not shown.
It would appear that the fix has somehow been omitted from the 4.6 releases.  Is that possible, or am I just doing something wrong?
Thanks for your help
Comment 6 Jack 2014-09-03 19:41:36 UTC
The dropdown should be just below the bottom of the area you captured.  As an alternative, open the account in the register, select Account/Edit from the menu, click the  Online Settings tab, then the Import Details subtab.  The top part of that dialog is for the start date of the import, the bottom should have the dropdown "Payee's name is based on contents of the OFX tag".  I know that applies to OFX direct connect imports, and I think, but am not certain, that it also applies to OFX file imports.  (Also please confirm that you are using the KMM OFX import, and not the AQBanking one.)
Comment 7 Jeff Thurgood 2014-09-03 21:48:07 UTC
The screenshot is complete, there is no drop-down list lower down.

The account/edit window does not have an online tab.  According to the handbook, that tab only appears when an account is mapped to an online account, i.e. one that permits direct connect, which my bank does not support.

I am not using AQBanking (the Windows version does not even give the option like the Linux one).
Comment 8 Jack 2014-09-03 23:13:57 UTC
Yes, you are correct about that configuration tab only being present for mapped accounts.

Debian Linux (now v 4.6.6) should certainly have this feature.  I'm not absolutely certain about Windows XP (v 4.6.4).   Unfortunately, the most recent windows installer for 4.6.6 does not (yet) work on XP.

I just looked at the Debian site, and it looks like they are still calling 4.6.2 the stable version, and 4.6.6. testing.  If you are really using 4.6.6, then something is certainly strange.
Comment 9 Jeff Thurgood 2014-09-04 15:23:12 UTC
I have just rechecked my Linux version of kmymoney; it is definitely 4.6.6 (according to help>about kmymoney), synaptic package manager refers to it as 4.6.6-1. It was downloaded and installed from ftp.uk.debian.org testing/main.  I am running Debian testing (jessie) with the LXDE desktop. Is it possible that the UK repository could contain an incorrect package, or could LXDE have an adverse influence?  
I am definitely not using AQ banking and I definitely do not see the drop-down list for choosing the payee name from the ofx file.
I too find this rather puzzling.
Comment 10 Jack 2014-09-04 16:27:40 UTC
I was going to ask you to confirm that the OFX plugin was enabled, but it obviously is, or the File/Import/OFX menu item wouldn't be there at all.  At this point, I would suggest filing a bug against the Debian package.  Also, you might try uninstalling and then reinstalling.  (Personally, I have never found this to help, but it gets suggested often enough, it couldn't hurt to try.)  Beyond that, we'll have to wait for one of the developers to comment.

Also - you might want to open a new bug report (OFX import does not give the option of selecting source for Payee) since this one was just the wishlist to get it implemented in the first place.
Comment 11 Jeff Thurgood 2014-09-05 10:24:53 UTC
Thank you for your helpful comments.  I have tried uninstaling and reinstalling kmymoney, as expected it made no difference.

I have now filed a bug report with Debian (Bug#760516); I shall see what the response to that is before I open another KDE bug.
Comment 12 Jeff Thurgood 2014-09-25 13:37:26 UTC
Having been through all the above, I wondered if I could circumvent the issue altogether by performing a global edit on the OFX file before I imported it, changing all occurrences of “NAME” to “PAYEEID”.  I tried it but to no avail, new transactions were still added as “Cash Withdrawal”.

At this point I decided it was time to do some proper testing.  I created four OFX files as follows:

1. OFX Version 1 using “NAME”
2. OFX Version 1 using “PAYEEID” (I know PAYEID is not a valid version 1 tag, but I tried it anyway)
3. OFX Version 2 using “NAME”
4. OFX Version 2 using “PAYEEID”

I imported each one in turn into an empty (i.e. freshly created) kmymoney file, first using my Debian/testing version (4.6.6) and then using the Windows version (4.6.4).

In every case the transaction was added with the correct payee name; yet when I import similar files into my main kmymoney file “Cash Withdrawal” appears every time.

I decided that there must be an issue with my file, so after some investigation I discovered that  there was a payee set up called “Cash Withdrawal” that had “matching enabled” set up to match against the list of names below, only the list was empty!  The net result was that every imported transaction that was to be added found this as a match.  I changed the payee to “match on payee name” and everything now works as I want it to.

So from my perspective this fix is no longer required.  Sorry if I have caused any trouble and thank you for all the help you have given.
Comment 13 Cristian Oneț 2014-09-25 13:46:07 UTC
OK, no problem, glad that you found your issue.