Bug 121738 - Wrong identity selected on "New Message" (reopen 20328)?
Summary: Wrong identity selected on "New Message" (reopen 20328)?
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Product: kmail
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Version: unspecified
Platform: openSUSE Linux
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Reported: 2006-02-11 01:28 UTC by josh
Modified: 2007-09-14 12:17 UTC (History)
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Description josh 2006-02-11 01:28:46 UTC
Version:           reproduced on 1.8 and on 1.9 (using KDE KDE 3.5.0)
Installed from:    SuSE RPMs
OS:                Linux

Sorry to open a new bug on this, but I couldn't reopen #20328.   I'm experiencing this bug again on KDE 3.4 and 3.5, and I know it was fixed on 3.3.

More details: 
Description:  Regardless of folder settings, in Kontact any "New Message" has the "default" identity.  "Reply" messages have the correct identity.

Other details on the reproduction systems:
SuSE 9.3 Thinkpad laptop, Kmail 1.8, IMAP mailboxes, 4 identities each with their own IMAP and SMTP.
SuSE 10.0 HP slimline, Kmail 1.9, diMAP mailboxes, 4 identities each with their own diMAP and SMTP.

Please re-open this issue and look at fixing it.  Thanks.
Comment 1 Thiago Macieira 2006-02-12 23:30:36 UTC
Works fine here. KMail 1.9.1 r505606.
Comment 2 josh 2006-02-13 06:42:21 UTC

Are you using Kmail alone or through Kontact?  Per #20238, the issue specifically occurs due to a Kontact issue (which I've tested).
Comment 3 Thiago Macieira 2006-02-13 18:56:31 UTC
Inside Kontact.
Comment 4 josh 2006-02-13 19:34:06 UTC

Ok, let me get an exact version number from my home machine (which is running SuSE 10).  I guarentee that I can reproduce this issue 100% of the time on my machine.  Possibly it's 1.9.0.   Also, are you testing on IMAP/diMAP accounts or POP accounts?
Comment 5 Juha Tuomala 2006-02-14 18:56:02 UTC
I've couple IMAP accounts and I keep loosing the default identity from inbox properties every now and then and thus I send mails with wrong from headers. I'm running kmail as standalone, not in kontact and using FC4 rpms.
Comment 6 Peter Paulsen 2006-02-15 15:26:21 UTC
Have you checked all folder settings? When I switched to KDE 3.4.2?3 all custom sender settings for all my folders were set to default.
Comment 7 josh 2006-02-15 17:41:02 UTC
Yes, I have ... the Kmail 1.9 instance was re-created from scratch.

I'm about to go on a trip out of the country, so I'll need to follow up on this when I get back.  Please don't cancel this bug until I have a chance for follow-up.  Thanks!
Comment 8 Thiago Macieira 2006-02-16 18:41:16 UTC
If KMail or Kontact crashes, you may lose your per-folder settings, which would explain this behaviour. Check your folder properties when you see this problem happen.
Comment 9 Juha Tuomala 2006-02-16 19:15:34 UTC
Just for curiosity - what causes this to happen? (loosing folder settings)
I would assume that kmail reads it settings when starting and writes those back when shutting down. If it crashes without proper shutdown - what breaks the settings? Are configs written by some other process?
Comment 10 josh 2006-03-02 09:35:55 UTC
Thaigo, Juha,

Nope, the folder properties are set correctly.  They are just 100% ignored for new messages.

More details:
josh@spooky:~> kmail --version
Qt: 3.3.4
KDE: 3.4.2 Level "b"
KMail: 1.8.2
josh@spooky:~> kontact --version
Qt: 3.3.4
KDE: 3.4.2 Level "b"
Kontact: 1.1.2

Folder PostgreSQL:Inbox
Sender Identity: PostgreSQL
New message comes out with "Default" identity
Reply has (correct) "PostgreSQL" identity.
Can repeat 100% of the time.

New Message: Identity Default

Comment 11 josh 2006-03-02 09:43:37 UTC

Sorry about the version mistake.  I thought SuSE 10 had going to KDE 3.5.  However, I don't see this bug on the fix list for 3.5 so I don't think it's affected ...
Comment 12 Thiago Macieira 2006-03-02 20:17:41 UTC
Please try 3.5 nevertheless. This bug has never happened to me and I've been using KMail with folder identities since they first became available.
Comment 13 josh 2006-03-03 19:19:43 UTC

Since I'm on SuSE, I can't really upgrade KDE until SuSE does.  I'm not willing to risk hosing a desktop system.

It's possible that this is something specifically wrong with SuSE's build of Kontact or KDE.  I've consistently reproduced this problem, on 3 different machines, running from SuSE 9.1 to 10.0.  One of the machines was even installed from scratch on 10.0, so it's not upgrade issues.    Can you think of any way to confirm that this is specifically a SuSE issue?  Is it possible to raise this with SuSE staff in a way that it will actually get addressed?

Like I said, the odd thing is that this feature was working under Kmail 1.5 (SuSE 9.0).  
Comment 14 josh 2006-03-03 22:24:42 UTC

Ok, just tested something I should have tested before.   This is specifically a Kontact problem -- in Kmail without Kontact, the identity selection works properly.  It's only from Kontact that it doesn't.

So this bug is *identical* to bug 20328.  So it's probably the same bug.  Take a quick gander?

(BTW, thank you for continuing to follow up on this)
Comment 15 Juha Tuomala 2006-03-04 12:35:10 UTC
I never really used kontact, but my identity has vaporised many times.
Comment 16 Thiago Macieira 2006-03-05 14:52:12 UTC
I'm using Kontact and it works fine.

I'm not reopening a 5-year-old bug. The conditions have changed considerably since then.
Comment 17 Thiago Macieira 2006-03-05 17:31:09 UTC

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 120089 ***
Comment 18 josh 2006-03-09 19:20:48 UTC

Hmmm ... I just read bug #120089, and it's not the same bug.  That bug can be summarized as:
KMail forgets identity information on unclean shutdown.

This bug is best summarized as:
Kontact ignores KMail's folder identity settings.
(I'd fix the original bug description if Bugzilla would let me)
(regardless of what changes have been made since 20328, the behavior is *exactly* the same as bug 20328)

If you're asking me to check 1.9 because you think it's fixed there, OR if you think that this is a SuSE issue, then that's one thing; but it's definitely not a duplicate of 120089 unless you have technical information about it you haven't posted.  So please mark it as "can't reproduce" if you're going to mark it as anything; otherwise I'm happy to leave it as "unconfirmed" until I can test 1.9/3.5.0.
Comment 19 Thiago Macieira 2006-03-11 18:33:22 UTC
Please test 1.9.1.

I've been using Kontact with this KMail feature working fine for two years now, and never have I seen this problem you describe, except after a crash.
Comment 20 josh 2006-03-12 02:45:38 UTC

Thanks for sticking with me.   I'll test 1.9 as soon as SuSE supports it.
Comment 21 Thiago Macieira 2006-03-12 20:08:03 UTC
Please reopen if the problem remains on 1.9.1.
Comment 22 josh 2006-06-08 23:44:49 UTC
Thiago, Kontact Developers:

I did some interactive Q&A with the devs on #kontact. We were able to narrow down the bug somewhat.

Specifically, it is *only* the "New ..." button from Kontact which is ignoring the Kmail folder selection.  If one adds the "New Message To" button (a Kmail rather than Kontact button) or uses CTRL-N, the correct identity is selected.  Also note that even with this specificity, only one other user on #kontact could reproduce the bug, implying that there's some other dependency in Kontact configuration, identities or platform which is unknown.

Given the intermittent nature of the bug, I don't expect this to get fixed by the KDE team, but I want it on Bugzilla so that others who experience it can find this issue and the workaround.

WORKAROUND: go to "Toolbars --> Configure".  Remove the "New Message" button from the main toolbar and the kmmain toolbar.  Replace it with the "New Message To ..." button.