Bug 107681 - KDE lacks centralized sync tool.
Summary: KDE lacks centralized sync tool.
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Product: kresources
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Platform: Slackware Packages Linux
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Assignee: Cornelius Schumacher
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Reported: 2005-06-18 21:12 UTC by Dylan Griffiths
Modified: 2012-10-03 19:00 UTC (History)
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Description Dylan Griffiths 2005-06-18 21:12:13 UTC
Version:            (using KDE KDE 3.4.1)
Installed from:    Slackware Packages
OS:                Linux

There is no easy way to synchronize my PDAs and PIM-capable devices.  While KDE itself has a rich, handy set of container applications for PIM use (KAddressbook, KOrganizer, etc), there is nothing that lets my synchronize my 2 Palms and my Cell phone.

Kandy, the tool which is supposed to sync phones, will only sync it vs. KDE (and won't let you sync vs. the Palms), plus it will not work for Bluetooth.

My Palms, a Vx and a Tungsten, must again be synced via serial/usb (not Bluetooth, which the Tungsten is capable of).  There is no way to tell Kpilot to keep certain things in sync between the two Palms.

There is a program called ksync, but it's not obvious what it syncs.  It most certainly does not sync PDAs.

iSync under MacOS would let me sync any number of devices nicely with the "<i>mothership</i>" (MacOS's PIM storeage), but there is absolutely nothing that fullfils the same function in KDE.

What I'd like to see is this: there is a program (kiSync, maybe) which has serial pilot, USB pilot, bluetooth phone, bluetooth pilot, and KDE PIM sync conduits.  You configure it to sync up your records between your PC and your PDAs.  It'd sit in the tray.  If you hit sync on it, it'd automatically push changes out to any devices in range.  It would obsolete kpilot.
Comment 1 Erik Andrén 2005-06-19 18:44:28 UTC
There is kitchensync but I'm afraid that it's code is dead. It hasn't been updated since the SVN switch. 

This is an issue which the KDE Devs must investigate further...
Comment 2 François Rey 2009-07-05 13:33:36 UTC
I would like to see the KDE team seriously take up the sync issue. There are plenty of bug/wish regarding synching (google calendar, pda/pim, music device, photo sites, etc.). It's been 4 years after the initial posting of this wish there is still no consistent framework for synching. KDE4 even broke the aging and unmaintained kitchensync/opensync for syncml pda sync.

Something needs to be done.

Sync Evolution seems to be on the way to become a more feature rich tool (direct sync and server sync) thanks to intel funding its developer Patrick Ohly (see http://www.estamos.de/blog/2009/05/13/syncevolution-09-beta-1-full-time-project-using-synthesis-syncml-engine/). "While the project is currently mostly targeting Moblin+Evolution, it was always meant to be open for other contributions", quoted from http://www.estamos.de/blog/2009/07/01/gran-canaria-desktop-summit-2009-talk-about-syncevolution/

So how about joining forces and taking advantage of the momentum?
I'm putting my vote behind this wish and hope others will follow...

BTW: how to rename the title of this bug to something affirmative like "KDE needs a centralized sync tool"?
Comment 3 Tilman Klaeger 2009-07-05 20:00:01 UTC
*** This bug has been confirmed by popular vote. ***
Comment 4 Gábor Nagy 2009-07-11 22:20:38 UTC
I am waiting for this too... for a long time.

Let me add simply: please do not forget supporting Windows Mobile based PDAs. (and actually outlook on windows PCs)
I know that the database format may be very different, for example the basic outlook based todo list of PDAs do not handle hierarchy.
There are many enhancement software, but since all I have seen build on top of the outlook database, it would be nice to support the basic for a start.
Comment 5 Kevin Krammer 2009-07-12 13:26:51 UTC
Sync solutions got stalled by relying too much on OpenSync as a provider for the actual sync handling.

We (as in some of the Akonadi developers) had a developer sprint with OpenSync people in fall last year, at which we were ensured that a release of the new OpenSync API was imminent.

Since this hasn't happend in months with no indication to it ever happen at all, we started exploring other alternatives.
One of this year's Google Summer of Code students for KDE is working on SyncML infrastructure for Akonadi, currently based on libsyncml.
That project has already progress to far to switch to libsynthesis right now, but we will have a close look at it after completion of GSoC.

I was personally attending the talk linked to in comment 2 and together with another Akonadi developer discussed related things with Patrick Ohly afterwards.

Unfortunately this doesn't help you guys right now, but hopefully we can close this bug or at least improve the situation in the near future.
Comment 6 at 2011-09-26 18:53:25 UTC
(In reply to comment #5)
> Unfortunately this doesn't help you guys right now, but hopefully we can close
> this bug or at least improve the situation in the near future.

finally there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel ;)

Rohan Garg aka shadeslayer will hopefully soon be ready to release his GSoC-Project¹, which he hacked with help from Dinesh Manajipet in the last months. They published some sreenshots on their blogs¹

I don't know if it will make use of syncEvolution's builtin syncevo-http-server² - that would be perfect because it's possible to talk to syncevo-http-server by Funambol's Thunderbird plugins³ over dbus and store the data inside it (without the need to use Funambol or Akonadi themselves):
> http://media.cdn.ubuntu-de.org/forum/attachments/3356722/funambol_sync_server-options.png
> http://media.cdn.ubuntu-de.org/forum/attachments/3356722/funambol_sync_sync_options.png
¹) http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/project/google/gsoc2011/shadeslayer/26001 ²) http://community.kde.org/GSoC/2011/StatusReports#Rohan_Garg
³) http://syncevolution.org/wiki/http-server-howto | 
4) I got http://maurus.net/resources/funambol/ to work - https://android-client.forge.funambol.org/ should also work following  http://lists.syncevolution.org/pipermail/syncevolution/
Comment 7 at 2012-01-18 20:22:37 UTC
Rohan Garg is not responding and blocking my comments on his blog.
The code of his latest contribution to GSoC 2011 can be found undre
Comment 8 at 2012-01-18 20:29:44 UTC
= Please ignore the comment above - hit ENTER accidentally =
Rohan Garg's latest contribution to GSoC 2011 can be found under https://code.google.com/p/google-summer-of-code-2011-kde/downloads/detail?name=Rohan_Garg.tar.gz
Patrick Ohly, syncevolution-dev, asked last November in his blog in "State of the union"¹ for KDE-contributors to step in:

The Akonadi backend is available in the source code. Support for KWallet instead of GNOME keyring is also there. A KDE GUI is in development.

TODO test and release binaries

    nightly builds needs to be reconfigured to enable building the KDE support
    nightly testing needs to include KDE backends, both for unit testing the backends and real combinations with peers; it depends on the KDE developers to do something if issues are found in those tests (if any are found)"
the corresponding bug: https://bugs.meego.com/show_bug.cgi?id=23782

any progress on this would be highly appreciated!
(summary in german: http://forum.ubuntuusers.de/topic/status-quo-syncevolution-mit-thunderbird-unter-kde )
¹) http://syncevolution.org/blogs/pohly/2011/state-union-version-12
Comment 9 at 2012-05-30 15:01:30 UTC
kwallet-support for
https://syncevolution.org/wiki/kde-akonadi#comment-799 by Patrick Ohly
> I've installed KDE on my system. Previously I only some bits and pieces of it installed (like KWallet and Akonadi), but obviously the limited kind of testing that I had done with that wasn't enough. I was hoping that a KDE developer would help with that, but no luck so far (hint, hint, ...).