Bug 453995

Summary: animation when moving windows between desktops is using the wrong initial window position
Product: [Plasma] kwin Reporter: bastimeyer123
Component: effects-desktop-gridAssignee: ratijas <me>
Severity: normal CC: bednarczyk.pawel, breakingspell, dashonwwIII, dev.bacteriostat, kde.podagric, kishore96, mabo, me, nate, nortexoid, notmart, phyllon, postix, rybak.a.v, smit17xp
Priority: VHI Keywords: regression
Version: git master   
Target Milestone: ---   
Platform: Other   
OS: Linux   
See Also: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=456280
Latest Commit: Version Fixed In: 5.26
Attachments: broken window move animation
Screenrecording (5.25.90 commit f343f3fb80284a8e402b39924c789b629806ac62)
kWin Support Info (5.25.90 commit f343f3fb80284a8e402b39924c789b629806ac62)

Description bastimeyer123 2022-05-18 16:07:10 UTC
Initial report: BUG 453943

After the recent QML rewrite of the desktopgrid effect, the animation when moving windows on the grid is now always using the first desktop (the upper-left one) as the window's origin instead of its current/previous desktop.

See https://youtu.be/A0ydBC6tvUQ

1. set up a grid
2. open some windows on each desktop
3. move windows between desktops on the grid

Linux/KDE Plasma: Arch Linux
KDE Plasma Version: 5.24.5
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.94.0
Qt Version: 5.15.4

- KWin built from 09ba8729fc12 (current master) using the modified PKGBUILD of the Arch repos
- kdecoration built from 4123ec8c1993 (current master) using the modified PKGBUILD of the Arch repos
- plasma-wayland-protocols built from 26fb07b9f8d3 (current master) using the modified PKGBUILD of the Arch repos
- the remaining dependencies were all from the official Arch repos
Comment 1 bastimeyer123 2022-05-19 21:24:29 UTC
Since my report of this issue only focused on X11, let me just quickly add that moving windows on Wayland is completely broken. Moving a window will always move it to the first desktop without an animation, but when going to the first desktop, the window has instead been ("successfully") moved to the desktop which it has been dragged onto. However, there also seems to be an issue with the visibility of the window afterwards and it is hidden in some cases, so something must be broken with the window animation state on Wayland after moving it.
Comment 2 Bacteria 2022-05-21 17:37:18 UTC
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Comment 3 Bacteria 2022-05-21 17:38:46 UTC
Looking at similar behavior on Wayland as described in Bug 454073.

Linux/KDE Plasma: Arch Linux
KDE Plasma Version: 5.24.90
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.94.0
Qt Version: 5.15.4
Graphics platform: Wayland
Comment 4 Bacteria 2022-05-22 05:20:31 UTC
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Comment 5 Bacteria 2022-05-22 05:22:58 UTC
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Comment 6 Nate Graham 2022-06-23 12:29:31 UTC
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Comment 7 Nate Graham 2022-06-23 13:48:59 UTC
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Comment 8 Maximilian Böhm 2022-06-23 14:30:42 UTC
Copying from my report (455817) since the reasoning for no additional animation is important:

With the reimplementation in 5.25 and the fix in 5.25.1, when you move windows between workspaces in the new Grid effect, they animate really strange. You drag a window to another workspace – this really drags its miniature preview – and drop it to this other workspace. This initiates a fast slipping process from its current workspace to the new. But you have just dropped it there! Instead of just appearing there, it animates like you never dragged it from its original workspace over to the other one.
Watch a video about how the old effect handled this: https://youtu.be/_w_ksgcNnYc?t=23

The window drops to the new workspace and is just appearing there. The old effect handled this with no explicit animation other than for an sudden new window in Grid (like when an error is appearing or such). It looked more natural than the current slipping between workspaces. Again: You have already dragged it there, it shouldn’t move from its original position!

KDE Plasma Version: 5.25.1
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.95.0
Qt Version: 5.15.5
Comment 9 postix 2022-06-23 14:43:34 UTC
Fully agree with comment 8.
Comment 10 Maximilian Böhm 2022-06-24 02:21:41 UTC
Found another screencast about how the old implementation handled this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pwoGfaJjpI&t=32s
Note the satisfying transition from mini preview to medium preview of the browser window when it’s dragged over to an empty workspace. It’s always the window you drop, it doesn’t disappear in mini form and comes back bigger but it transforms from the position you drop it to its new size.
Comment 11 bastimeyer123 2022-07-03 12:10:14 UTC
Please fix this.
5.25.2 not only shows a broken animation when moving windows, but after a window has been moved to a different desktop, it's shown incorrectly on the first virtual desktop until the effect gets reopened. Sometimes, windows are even placed on a totally different virtual desktop, without even moving them
Comment 12 bastimeyer123 2022-07-03 13:07:12 UTC
After moving a window, its content also doesn't seem to be updated anymore. Eg. when watching a video. It only gets updated for one frame when moving the mouse over it again.
Comment 13 bastimeyer123 2022-07-03 13:17:33 UTC
(In reply to bastimeyer123 from comment #12)
> After moving a window, its content also doesn't seem to be updated anymore.
> Eg. when watching a video. It only gets updated for one frame when moving
> the mouse over it again.

Looks like no windows contents at all get updated on different virtual desktops when showing the grid, so this is not related to moving windows.
Comment 14 postix 2022-07-03 13:35:53 UTC
> After moving a window, its content also doesn't seem to be updated anymore.
Can confirm, I've opened a separate bug report for that: bug 456280
Comment 15 bastimeyer123 2022-07-20 05:22:33 UTC
Created attachment 150757 [details]
broken window move animation

How is it possible that this bug hasn't gotten more attention?
The QML re-implementation has been merged two months ago, and 5.25 has been released more than one month ago, which means that this broken mess has been unfixed and released as stable for a very long time now.
The attached video is recorded with kwin built from the Plasma/5.25 branch and commit 84277885b944.
Comment 16 Bug Janitor Service 2022-08-24 00:22:29 UTC
A possibly relevant merge request was started @ https://invent.kde.org/plasma/kwin/-/merge_requests/2859
Comment 17 Nate Graham 2022-09-08 20:05:29 UTC
*** Bug 456436 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Comment 18 ratijas 2022-09-12 23:28:16 UTC
Git commit b01ea99c0170d34cb0965b05db9b27c070ff1eea by ivan tkachenko.
Committed on 12/09/2022 at 22:49.
Pushed by ratijas into branch 'master'.

effects/desktopgrid: Restore position correctly when dropping a window

This required a bit of a magic on the WindowHeap side to store and
restore global position of a WindowHeapDelegates' window thumbnails.

An additional property bool animationEnabled on a delegate level enables
the heap to restore position without playing unneeded initial animation,
just like the heap itself.

Windows that are being dragged or already returning form a drop are
positioned higher than others on a z-stack.

M  +4    -0    src/effects/desktopgrid/qml/DesktopView.qml
M  +7    -0    src/effects/desktopgrid/qml/main.qml
M  +24   -0    src/effects/private/qml/WindowHeap.qml
M  +74   -8    src/effects/private/qml/WindowHeapDelegate.qml

Comment 19 postix 2022-09-27 16:58:48 UTC
Created attachment 152469 [details]
Screenrecording (5.25.90 commit f343f3fb80284a8e402b39924c789b629806ac62)

Unfortunately, I can still reproduce it in case of two screens. Please see the attached screen recording. Though, the animation doesn't start necessarily now in the upper left VD.
Comment 20 postix 2022-09-27 16:59:43 UTC
Created attachment 152470 [details]
kWin Support Info (5.25.90 commit f343f3fb80284a8e402b39924c789b629806ac62)
Comment 21 postix 2022-09-27 17:03:37 UTC
I meant 5.26.80 instead of 5.25.90 in the posts above. Tested on the current master branch.
Comment 22 ratijas 2022-09-27 20:38:47 UTC
Multi-screen issues of Desktop Grid and Overview are a whole different topic, their implementation uses multiple actual Window objects, and interaction between them is only possible through a C++ backend model or something like that.

tl;dr let's have a separate bug report for tracking multi-screen problems.