Bug 173592

Summary: Strange visual distortion impacts of Openoffice on the control panel
Product: [I don't know] kde Reporter: Ralph Moenchmeyer <rm>
Component: generalAssignee: Unassigned bugs mailing-list <unassigned-bugs>
Severity: normal CC: echidnaman, esigra, gdiaz
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Version: unspecified   
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Platform: openSUSE   
OS: Linux   
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Description Ralph Moenchmeyer 2008-10-26 14:39:18 UTC
Version:            (using KDE 4.1.2)
OS:                Linux
Installed from:    SuSE RPMs

I have the latest Openoffice version 3 installed (from the Opensuse repositories). I use KDE 4.1.2 on a Opensuse 10.3 system. 
There is a strange interaction between 
* the Openoffice window and  
* the control panel of KDE. 

1) the OO window has the focus and the input cursor is active (i.e. blinks) in a text area of an odt-document or in a cell of an odds-document
2) and you then leave the document with the mouse but do not activate any other window (i.e. the OO windows still has the focus) 
3) and you then move the mouse over items of the control panel (e.g. the pager) 

the elements of the control panel may temporarily be overlapped/distorted by black rectangles! 
This annoying effect disappears as soon as you click on the desktop or any other window - i.e. when the OO-window misses the focus.   

I tested this on several PCs with different hardware. Any KDE desktop effects have been disabled. The effect is not present in KDE 3.5.10 on the same machine.
Comment 1 Ralph Moenchmeyer 2008-10-27 17:03:16 UTC
After some new tests I realized that the described effect seems to occur only when compiz/emerald is active.  
So it may be related to a combination of compiz and KDE4 - and maybe to graphic card drivers and hardware. All the PCs I mentioned in comment #1 have a nvidia card and I use the nvidia support for the composite management. 

I'll check further parameters of compiz to see what impact they might have.     
Comment 2 Gustavo A. Díaz 2008-10-28 22:57:13 UTC
Same is happening to me. Using Kubuntu Intrepid.
But this does not only happen using Composite effects (Compiz or KDE4), but when not using it too. And not only to OpenOffice, but with all apps that uses GTK (Maybe Java too?), since happens with Eclipse, Aptana, etc. Which those use GTK for the GUI.

And, this happen only with nVidia propietary drivers (even using the latest version). Not with ATI, not with INTEL, etc.
Comment 3 Ralph Moenchmeyer 2008-10-29 08:29:48 UTC
Right, the effects occur without compiz loaded. Sooner or later. So the first part of my comment #1 is wrong. 
I noticed in addition that not only some areas around the control panel may be affected. I had some events were the whole desktop background went black for a second due to working with Openoffice.     
Comment 4 Gustavo A. Díaz 2008-10-29 12:41:30 UTC
Indeed, it affects all the Plasma Desktop.
I was testing latest development version of kde4.2 and the same problem still exist there.
Comment 5 Jonathan Thomas 2008-12-11 17:58:59 UTC

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