Bug 97087 - kdeinit problem launching programs in /usr/games
Summary: kdeinit problem launching programs in /usr/games
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Product: kdelibs
Classification: Frameworks and Libraries
Component: kdeinit (show other bugs)
Version: unspecified
Platform: Debian testing Linux
: NOR normal (vote)
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Assignee: Unassigned bugs mailing-list
: 76519 89812 96283 96381 100139 101073 (view as bug list)
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Reported: 2005-01-15 19:38 UTC by Ana Guerrero (Debian KDE maintainers)
Modified: 2005-03-08 01:44 UTC (History)
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Description Ana Guerrero (Debian KDE maintainers) 2005-01-15 19:38:51 UTC
Version:            (using KDE KDE 3.3.2)
Installed from:    Debian testing/unstable Packages
OS:                Linux

If you try to run a program located in /usr/games (such as kpat or most other kdegames), by launching them from the "Run Command" dialog, then the program runs, but the Run dialog doesn't disappear as it does normally. Rather, it stays, and then when the game is closed, you get a pop-up saying "KDEInit could not launch '/usr/games/kpat'" (or whatever the program), and only after you click OK does the Run dialog vanish.

The problem also occurs when you drag the relevant Kmenu entry to the desktop, and create a link. Running the game from this desktop link works, but again, when the program is closed, a pop-up appears, "KDEInit could not..."

It seems that though /usr/games is now part of the default path, something somewhere needs an update to fully take this into account.

This bug was based on the verified information in Debian bug reports #270592 and #290323.

Christopher Martin
Comment 1 Waldo Bastian 2005-01-17 22:06:30 UTC
You tend to get errors like this when the application has a .desktop file with an incorrect
X-DCOP-ServiceType line. However that shouldn't be an issue when you enter the application name manually in the Run Dialog. Do you enter "/usr/games/kpat", or do you only enter "kpat" ?
Comment 2 Adeodato Simó 2005-01-17 22:27:24 UTC
> Do you enter "/usr/games/kpat", or do you only enter "kpat" ?

  'kpat'. Entering '/usr/games/kpat' in the Alt-F2 prompt gets it right
  (i.e., dialog disappears). [Tried with katomic here.]

Comment 3 Ana Guerrero (Debian KDE maintainers) 2005-01-17 22:31:06 UTC
That seems to the case here as well. FYI, kpat.desktop contains: "X-DCOP-ServiceType=Multi"
Comment 4 Waldo Bastian 2005-01-18 14:34:55 UTC
X-DCOP-ServiceType=Multi is correct for KDE's kpat binary, so is /usr/games/kpat the original binary or is it a script of some sort?
Comment 5 Ana Guerrero (Debian KDE maintainers) 2005-01-18 14:53:05 UTC
/usr/games/kpat is a binary, not a script.

The Exec line in kpat.desktop is:
Exec=/usr/games/kpat %i %m -caption "%c"

Could it be that specifying the full path is causing the confusion? Changing it to Exec=kpat does seem to solve the problem, but whether KDE should behave as it does when given a full path, I can't say.
Comment 6 Ana Guerrero (Debian KDE maintainers) 2005-01-18 19:50:27 UTC
FYI, the full path in the Exec line is an old distro-specific change. Still, KDE should cope when the full path is provided.
Comment 7 Waldo Bastian 2005-01-18 22:29:13 UTC
Yes, the full path is causing the confusion. Fixed now.

This is what is happening: When KDE starts a application it looks at the "X-DCOP-ServiceType" entry. If it says "Multi" or "Unique" it will wait till the application has registered itself with DCOP to ensure that it is properly and fully started. In particular it will wait for an application to register itself using the name specified in "X-DCOP-ServiceName".
If that entry is missing (it usually is) it will use the first argument of the Exec line. So for "Exec=kpat" that goes ok, because kpat registers itself with DCOP as "kpat", but with "Exec=/usr/games/kpat" things go wrong, because now KDE will wait for kpat to register itself as "/usr/games/kpat", which never happens.

Patch in next comment.
Comment 8 Waldo Bastian 2005-01-18 22:30:00 UTC
CVS commit by waba: 

Strip directory when determining DCOP name from Exec line.
BUG: 97087

  M +4 -0      klauncher.cpp   1.103

--- kdelibs/kinit/klauncher.cpp  #1.102:1.103
@@ -997,5 +997,9 @@ KLauncher::start_service(KService::Ptr s
          request->dcop_name = v.toString().utf8();
       if (request->dcop_name.isEmpty())
+      {
          request->dcop_name = request->name;
+         // Strip directory
+         request->dcop_name = request->dcop_name.mid(request->dcop_name.findRev('/')+1);
+      }

Comment 9 Adeodato Simó 2005-01-18 23:26:50 UTC
> Patch in next comment.


Comment 10 Maksim Orlovich 2005-01-19 21:15:22 UTC
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Comment 11 Anders Widell 2005-01-20 19:45:22 UTC
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