Bug 76757

Summary: JJ: Guidelines violation: dialog expands outside 800x600 windows
Product: kword Reporter: Frans Englich <frans.englich>
Component: generalAssignee: Thomas Zander <zander>
Severity: normal CC: mpmcbride7, nicolasg
Priority: NOR    
Version: unspecified   
Target Milestone: ---   
Platform: unspecified   
OS: Linux   
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Attachments: bug76757_page_layout.diff
Correct patch for page layout

Description Frans Englich 2004-03-04 20:22:07 UTC
Version:            (using KDE Devel)

Some dialogs are too big for 800x600(see the KDE UI Guidelines). Specifically:

* Format->Style Manager
* Format->Font
* Paragraph Settings(just about)
* Configure KWord
* Auto Correction
Comment 1 Nicolas Goutte 2004-06-03 12:28:33 UTC
Let's mark this bug as "Junior Job" (even if I have doubt that it will be easy to do for the Style Manager.)

Have a nice day!
Comment 2 Nicolas Goutte 2004-07-25 16:44:50 UTC
See also this discussion on koffice-devel:

Comment 3 Nicolas Goutte 2004-08-06 19:51:40 UTC
Move these patches to the bug report before the email gets forgotten deply in 
the archives...

----------  Forwarded Message  ----------

Subject: [PATCH] : Bug 76757. Windows too big in 800x600 in KWord
Date: Friday 30 July 2004 14:32
From: p.stirnweiss_koffice@bluewin.ch
To: " " <koffice-devel@mail.kde.org>


These are the last two patches for this bug.

The page layout one has basicelly gotten rid of the sliders in the page
 margin. I have also removed the titles and positioned the spin box according
 to what they affect (left on the left, top on top...). I have also changed
 the steps from 1 by 1 to 0.2 by 0.2 to minimize the impact of the
 disparition of the slider.

The paragraph layout one has moved the end of frame behaviour from the indent
and spacing tab to the alignement tab and renamed it to general layout.

With these two patches, all the windows in KWord now fit perfectly in 800x600
(with Plastik theme). The bug for KWord can then be closed.
I will be away for a week and will have a look at the other apps in KOffice
at my return. If you come accross a window that is too big in 800x600 (or
that you suspect being too big) please post on the list.



Created an attachment (id=7024)

Created an attachment (id=7025)
Comment 4 Nicolas Goutte 2004-08-07 12:08:35 UTC
There seems to be problems:
- attachment #7024 [details] cannot be applied (anymore?)
- attachment #7025 [details] makes that KWord cannot start (long startup, then crash without Dr. Konqui.)

(I will see if I can fix the problems nevertheless.)

Have a nice day!
Comment 5 Nicolas Goutte 2004-08-07 18:57:01 UTC
Created attachment 7032 [details]
Correct patch for page layout

It seems that attachment #7024 [details] as error in the patch syntax giving the number
of line of the changed text to be equal to the number of line of the text to
change, which of course is not always the case. (And patch 2.5.9 does not like
such patch files.)

(Code not tested yet.)
Comment 6 Nicolas Goutte 2004-08-07 19:05:11 UTC
CVS commit by goutte: 

Change the way of setiing the page margings (no sliders anymore, boxes at top,
right, bottom, left...) to fit again in 800x600 screens.
Patch by Pierre Stirnweiss

  M +14 -28    koPageLayoutDia.cc   1.86
  M +1 -1      koPageLayoutDia.h   1.45

Comment 7 Nicolas Goutte 2004-08-07 21:01:40 UTC
CVS commit by goutte: 

Change the paragraph dialog to fit again in 800x600 screens (BIC)
Patch by Pierre Stirnweiss

  M +68 -59    koParagDia.cc   1.109
  M +7 -6      koParagDia.h   1.36
  M +2 -2      koStylist.cc   1.58

Comment 8 Nicolas Goutte 2004-08-07 21:03:28 UTC
So this seems to close this bug. Proting back to KOffice 1.3.x is unfortunately not possible, as new user-visible strings were needed.

Have a nice day!
Comment 9 Nicolas Goutte 2004-10-23 22:19:39 UTC
*** Bug 53798 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***