Bug 56698

Summary: File selection dialog under project options does not function
Product: quanta Reporter: erinnlooneytriggs
Component: generalAssignee: András Manţia <amantia>
Severity: normal    
Priority: NOR    
Version: 3.1.1   
Target Milestone: ---   
Platform: Gentoo Packages   
OS: Linux   
Latest Commit: Version Fixed In:

Description erinnlooneytriggs 2003-04-01 13:07:41 UTC
Version:           3.1.1 (using KDE 3.1.1)
Installed from:    Gentoo
Compiler:          gcc version 3.2.2 20030322 (Gentoo Linux 1.4 3.2.2-r2)
OS:          Linux (i686) release 2.4.20

In the project option window there are two definition fields for the location of directories (Templates directory, and toolbar directory) to the right is the standard "..." three dots denoting an option to open a selection dialog, however upon clicking nothing happens. Thats the bug, both of them don't bring up a selection dialog thus the directory location has to be entered manually (not a particular hardship).
Comment 1 András Manţia 2003-04-25 22:11:12 UTC
Subject: QUANTA_3_1_BRANCH: quanta

CVS commit by amantia: 

Show the directory selection dialogs in the project options [#56698]

CCMAIL: 56698-done@bugs.kde.org

  A            quanta/project/projectoptions.ui.h
  M +1 -0      ChangeLog
  M +19 -0     quanta/project/projectoptions.ui

--- quanta/ChangeLog  #
@@ -16,4 +16,5 @@
       the Edit dialog was closed with Cancel (thanks to Laurent Montel)
     - don't use the preview prefix after the project is closed
+    - show the directory selection dialogs in the project options [#56698]
  - usability enhancements:
     - bring up the message output window, when and action/plugin wants to printed

--- quanta/quanta/project/projectoptions.ui  #
@@ -305,4 +305,16 @@
+    <connection>
+        <sender>buttonTmpl</sender>
+        <signal>clicked()</signal>
+        <receiver>ProjectOptions</receiver>
+        <slot>buttonTmpl_clicked()</slot>
+    </connection>
+    <connection>
+        <sender>buttonToolbar</sender>
+        <signal>clicked()</signal>
+        <receiver>ProjectOptions</receiver>
+        <slot>buttonToolbar_clicked()</slot>
+    </connection>
@@ -321,4 +333,11 @@
+    <include location="local" impldecl="in implementation">projectoptions.ui.h</include>
+    <slot>buttonTmpl_clicked()</slot>
+    <slot>buttonToolbar_clicked()</slot>
 <layoutdefaults spacing="6" margin="11"/>