Bug 470760

Summary: Under certain circumstances, panel in "Auto-Hide" mode stops auto-hiding and only hides again when clicked
Product: [Plasma] plasmashell Reporter: Henning <boredsquirrel>
Component: PanelAssignee: Plasma Bugs List <plasma-bugs>
Severity: normal CC: fanzhuyifan, nate, niccolo.venerandi
Priority: NOR    
Version: 5.27.5   
Target Milestone: 1.0   
Platform: Fedora RPMs   
OS: Linux   
Latest Commit: Version Fixed In:

Description Henning 2023-06-07 20:09:18 UTC
I reported this earlier but cant find the bug at all.

1. I have an autohide panel. I have to click it every time it gets set (applied, drawn, whatever) I have to click somewhere, then it hides

2. Now attached a second display, the panel doesnt autohide anymore at all

--- Software ---
OS: Fedora Linux 38.20230607.0 (Kinoite)
KDE Plasma: 5.27.5
KDE Frameworks: 5.106.0
Qt: 5.15.9
Kernel: 6.3.5-200.fc38.x86_64
Compositor: wayland

--- Hardware ---
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 3500U w/ Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx
RAM: 13.5 GB
GPU: AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics
Video memory: 2048MB
Comment 1 Henning 2023-06-07 20:10:52 UTC
also worth noting that the screenshot I try to do was broken. Panel was not visible and the wallpaper was cut in half.
Comment 2 Nate Graham 2023-09-15 17:06:41 UTC
*** Bug 471118 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Comment 3 Nate Graham 2023-09-15 17:08:20 UTC
So you have an auto-hide panel and it only auto-hides when you click it once. Does this mean that when you log in, it starts out visible?

Can you attach a full-screen screenshot?
Comment 4 Henning 2023-09-17 15:07:17 UTC
Yes all panels are visible on login. For example now, its there (bottom right side, right above my normal nonhiding standard panel). It stays there forever, I click it and from then on it autohides normally.

Until I change the display config, for example when plugging in another display.

Journalctl shows nothing happening on this event, is there a command to get KDE-specific live logs?
Comment 5 Nate Graham 2023-09-18 18:15:24 UTC
Issue #2 is Bug 351175. So let's focus on Issue #1 for this bug report.

Can you please attach a full-screen screenshot like I asked, so I can visually see what your arrangement of panels looks like?
Comment 6 Henning 2023-09-18 20:06:19 UTC
yes here it is:


But the same happens to my main panel if I set it to autohide. First its there and only when I click it it starts autohiding. So this is not about panel layout, at all. Its about how autohiding panels are initiated, activated or whatever that is
Comment 7 Nate Graham 2023-09-18 21:32:51 UTC
Just to rule that out, can you temporarily move your vertical to the top edge so that your panels aren't sharing any corners? Also, move your second monitor to it's to the left or right of the main one if you had it above or below. Then reboot.

After that, is everything working as expected, or are there no changes?
Comment 8 Henning 2023-09-19 15:59:10 UTC
I had no display connected at that time.

Reproducable, moved panel to the top and detached the then attached display, panel setup resetted and it now stays there. I click it and it starts autohiding again.

The panel is now located at the top right of the screen, bottom is the middle of the screen, top is the very top right corner.

exactly the same behavior.

Btw is it wanted that all panels disappear and reload once a new display is attached? Will open another issue about that.
Comment 9 Nate Graham 2023-09-20 17:01:49 UTC
Thanks. Would you mind attaching a screen recording that shows the issue exactly? I think that will be the fastest way for me to see what exactly the problem is.
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Comment 11 Henning 2023-10-07 02:52:50 UTC
Is this still not clear?

I dont need a video, here is a screenshot of my setup

I have two panels, one is autohiding. They are not connected, overlapping or at a screenedge where an external display is extending to that side. Its simply a screen edge.

I think in a former bug also the autohide notifications would stay there, I think these are connected. Something "timeouts not being initiated" or something


KDE bugs really needs image storage...

The panels are shown and stay there. Only when I click it it seems to wake up and start autohiding. This is 100% reproducible whenever the panel setup reloads, login, display attach etc.
Comment 12 Nate Graham 2023-10-11 16:10:35 UTC
An image of that size fits as an attachment herel no need to host it externally.

If you take that short panel that I see on the right screen edge and move it up to the top screen edge, does the issue still happen?
Comment 13 Henning 2023-10-11 16:15:57 UTC
@nate I did exactly that.

Now comes the weird thing, I have a second "testing" profile where this doesnt happen!

I will just give you some ASCII art ;D

not autohiding right panel

autohiding panel


In both cases the autohiding panel itself is at the very screen edge, the difference is that the MAIN panel, that doesnt autohide, is not touching the edge in the one case.
Now I tried something, I simply resized my main panel, not autohiding, KDE standard, to not touch the right edge like this:


Looks ugly, but now it seems to autohide. Will log in and out to test if this is actually true. Or just restart Kwin? I will see
Comment 14 Henning 2023-10-11 16:37:37 UTC
interesting, so now:

- the bottom panel doesnt touch the right side anymore, it is set to not autohide or do anything fancy
- the right panel is unchanged. It doesnt touch any side and also not the panel

Now the panel doesnt autohide on its own too, but after hovering with the cursor over it once. 

This was never occurring before, you always had to click it.
Comment 15 Henning 2023-10-11 16:41:08 UTC
tried it again, maximized the bottom panel. No, I dont have to click it?

I also have to hover over the panel once, after that it autohides.

So the problem is that this autohiding timer is only started after hovering over it the first time. If its a toolbar you dont need for example, this means its there until you hover over it, afterwards it autohides and only shows up when again, hovering over it.

This may have something to do with how the hiding and all is initiated? 

- hovering over it = shows temporarily, then disappears the moment you stop hovering
- afterwards: not hovering it, not showing

maybe before the first hovering its in a state that is not defined, so the autohide is broken?
Comment 16 Nate Graham 2023-10-12 18:16:00 UTC
Possibly Bug 470836?
Comment 17 fanzhuyifan 2023-12-18 18:12:06 UTC
I can reproduce this with both auto-hide and dodge windows panels. The panel temporarily unhides after display configuration changes, like resolution changes. Audo-hide starts working again after I mouse over the panels (I don't need to click).
Comment 18 fanzhuyifan 2023-12-18 18:36:33 UTC
(In reply to fanzhuyifan from comment #17)
> I can reproduce this with both auto-hide and dodge windows panels. The panel
> temporarily unhides after display configuration changes, like resolution
> changes. Audo-hide starts working again after I mouse over the panels (I
> don't need to click).

For me this also happens after suspend-to-ram.
Comment 19 fanzhuyifan 2023-12-19 04:19:56 UTC
I am tempted to mark this as a duplicate of 448420, because I think the root cause is the same, both being this line here: https://invent.kde.org/plasma/kwin/-/blob/b476d7f4c0acccf1c77a374eb8b14e51c2436736/src/screenedge.cpp#L1105

I am not sure if the bug that blocked https://invent.kde.org/plasma/kwin/-/merge_requests/1887 has been resolved.
Comment 20 Nate Graham 2023-12-20 21:29:21 UTC
Good catch, I had forgotten about that one. I agree with you.

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 448420 ***