Bug 469641

Summary: Dolphin no longer keeping settings after boot
Product: [Applications] dolphin Reporter: locutusofborg <locutusofborg64>
Component: panels: foldersAssignee: Dolphin Bug Assignee <dolphin-bugs-null>
Severity: normal CC: bugseforuns, kfm-devel, rrpeak+kdebug
Priority: NOR    
Version: 23.04.1   
Target Milestone: ---   
Platform: Other   
OS: Linux   
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Description locutusofborg 2023-05-12 00:24:09 UTC
I have 2 Dolphin windows that I keep open at all times. 1 is TV Series and the other is with 4 tabs (shortcuts for the particular OS I'm in, Torrents, Movies To Watch, Last Night's). I noticed in EzArcher that when I reboot both windows are open but both are open to only the shortcuts. The other 3 tabs in the one window are closed. Any idea what might be causing this behavior?

Plasma 5.27.5

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Linux/KDE Plasma:  
KDE Plasma Version:  2.27.5
KDE Frameworks Version:  5.105.0
Qt Version: 

Comment 1 locutusofborg 2023-05-12 00:46:32 UTC
Ok just went into Garuda and did it's updates and rebooted and now have the same behavior. Here's the updates I received.

akonadi-contacts-23.04.1-1  angrysearch-1.0.4-1.4  aom-3.6.1-1  ark-23.04.1-1
at-spi2-core-2.48.2-1  baloo-widgets-23.04.1-1  bomber-23.04.1-1  bovo-23.04.1-1
cpu-x-4.5.3-1.2  ddcutil-1.3.0-1  dolphin-23.04.1-1  dolphin-plugins-23.04.1-1
dxvk-mingw-git-2.1.r86.g14eb4690-1  elisa-23.04.1-1  ffmpegthumbs-23.04.1-1
gconf-3.2.6+11+g07808097-10.4  google-chrome-dev-115.0.5762.4-1
goverlay-git-0.9.1.r2.gbe1867a-1.2  granatier-23.04.1-1  grantleetheme-23.04.1-1
gtk-update-icon-cache-1:4.10.3-2  gtk4-1:4.10.3-2  gwenview-23.04.1-1  i2c-tools-4.3-4
jackett-0.20.4135-1  kaccounts-integration-23.04.1-1  kaccounts-providers-23.04.1-1
kajongg-23.04.1-1  kamera-23.04.1-1  kapman-23.04.1-1  kate-23.04.1-1  katomic-23.04.1-1
kblackbox-23.04.1-1  kblocks-23.04.1-1  kbounce-23.04.1-1  kbreakout-23.04.1-1
kcalc-23.04.1-1  kdeconnect-23.04.1-1  kdegraphics-mobipocket-23.04.1-1
kdegraphics-thumbnailers-23.04.1-1  kdf-23.04.1-1  kdialog-23.04.1-1  kdiamond-23.04.1-1
kfind-23.04.1-1  kfourinline-23.04.1-1  kgoldrunner-23.04.1-1  kigo-23.04.1-1
killbots-23.04.1-1  kio-extras-23.04.1-1  kio-gdrive-23.04.1-1  kiriki-23.04.1-1
kjumpingcube-23.04.1-1  klickety-23.04.1-1  klines-23.04.1-1  kmahjongg-23.04.1-1
kmime-23.04.1-1  kmines-23.04.1-1  knavalbattle-23.04.1-1  knetwalk-23.04.1-1
knights-23.04.1-1  kolf-23.04.1-1  kollision-23.04.1-1  kolourpaint-23.04.1-1
kompare-23.04.1-1  konquest-23.04.1-1  konsole-23.04.1-1  kpat-23.04.1-1  kpmcore-23.04.1-1
krdc-23.04.1-1  kreversi-23.04.1-1  krfb-23.04.1-1  ksanecore-23.04.1-1  kshisen-23.04.1-1
ksirk-23.04.1-1  ksnakeduel-23.04.1-1  kspaceduel-23.04.1-1  ksquares-23.04.1-1
ksudoku-23.04.1-1  ktuberling-23.04.1-1  kubrick-23.04.1-1  lib32-at-spi2-core-2.48.2-1
lib32-mangohud-  libakonadi-23.04.1-1  libkdcraw-23.04.1-1  libkdegames-23.04.1-1
libkexiv2-23.04.1-1  libkgapi-23.04.1-1  libkmahjongg-23.04.1-1  libkomparediff2-23.04.1-1
libksane-23.04.1-1  libktorrent-23.04.1-1  lskat-23.04.1-1  mangohud-
mangohud-common-  marble-common-23.04.1-1  okular-23.04.1-1  palapeli-23.04.1-1
partitionmanager-23.04.1-1  picmi-23.04.1-1  powerdevil-5.27.5-2
proton-ge-custom-2:GE.Proton8.3-2  protontricks-git-1.10.3.r1.gf54e1fc-1
python-css-parser-1.0.9-1  python-soupsieve-2.4.1-1  qdirstat-1.8.1-1.3
retroarch-assets-glui-1:451-1  retroarch-assets-ozone-1:451-1  retroarch-assets-xmb-1:451-1
signon-kwallet-extension-23.04.1-1  spectacle-23.04.1-1  vscodium-
Comment 2 locutusofborg 2023-05-12 11:40:43 UTC
I now noticed that with the new updates that Screen Dimming is on by default. Another user ran into Suspend being enabled by default.
Comment 3 rrpeak+kdebug 2023-05-13 11:58:38 UTC
Can confirm on 
Dolphin Version 23.04.1
Operating System: KDE neon 5.27
KDE Plasma Version: 5.27.5
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.105.0
Qt Version: 5.15.9

After the update Dolphin no longer remembers the tabs I had open. This does not just happen after a reboot but any time Dolphin is closed, it forgets open folders and tabs and just opens up on the home directory
Comment 4 rrpeak+kdebug 2023-05-13 12:05:20 UTC
Seems like this is a duplicate of https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=469656 or the other way around
Comment 5 Patrick Silva 2023-05-13 12:15:11 UTC

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 469656 ***