Bug 413316

Summary: Can't see the contents of my Nextcloud calendar
Product: [Applications] korganizer Reporter: David de Cos <david.decos>
Component: generalAssignee: kdepim bugs <kdepim-bugs>
Severity: grave CC: auxsvr, bovender, buschmann23, david.decos, faure, vkrause
Priority: NOR    
Version: 5.12.2   
Target Milestone: ---   
Platform: Neon   
OS: Linux   
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Description David de Cos 2019-10-22 12:29:43 UTC
I have several calendars on a Nextcloud server provided by my University. I added them to Korganizer a few weeks ago (together with my Google calendars), and everything went fine. I could see all the calendars, create appointments, make changes, sync, see the changes in my phone, etc.

Last week, however, I used Korganizer to move some appointments from a Google calendar to a Nextcloud one, and it did the job successfully. However, seconds later all my Nextcloud calendars' contents disappeared (not just the ones I had moved, but all of them). The calendars are there, I just can't see any appointments, as if they were empty.

None of the contents have been lost, as I can seem in several phone apps, Thunderbird/Lightning, MineTime, Evolution, etc. I can even see the contents in another computer's older version of Korganizer (5.10.3), but not in mine (5.12.2). It's not related to my specific user's settings, because I can't see the contents if I log in as a different user on my computer.

In case it's related, I had performed the following updates the very morning this problem ocurred:

- Plasma -> 5.17
- Applications -> 19.08.2
- Frameworks -> 5.63.0

I have tried downgrading Korganizer to 5.12.1 and 5.12.0, but the problem persists in both of them.
Comment 1 Matthias Fehring 2019-10-23 10:50:15 UTC
I have the same issue since upgrading my Nextcloud to version 17. At least I think that started after the upgrade as I only recognized the issue with Kontact/Korganizer today as it is working on my phone as expected.

Nextcloud throws an exception about a bad request with the following message:

"A calendar-query REPORT on a calendar with a Depth: 0 is undefined. Set Depth to 1"

My system:
- openSUSE Tumbleweed
- Qt 5.13.1
- KDE Frameworks: 5.63.0
- KDE Plasma: 5.17
- KDE Applications: 19.08.2
- Kontact: 5.12.2
Comment 2 David Faure 2019-10-23 13:42:27 UTC
I just fixed a regression in kio_http which led to a similar issue for me.

However that last comment makes me wonder. If Depth:0 came from kio_http and Depth:1 came from kdav, then things might still be wrong, since my patch ignores the kdav-provided depth.

Any chance you can try the above kio fix and let us know if it works for you?
Comment 3 David Faure 2019-10-23 13:43:04 UTC
BTW if you want to downgrade anything, short term, it's kio that you should downgrade (or all of KF5) from 5.63 to 5.62.
Comment 4 David de Cos 2019-10-23 13:57:37 UTC
I can confirm that downgrading to kio 5.62 fixes my problem. Thanks!

If you can mail me some instructions on how to apply the kio fix, I'd be willing to try it. It may take me a few days, though, since I don't want to do it on my work computer, so I'll have to install a working system on some other machine.
Comment 5 Matthias Fehring 2019-10-23 14:01:50 UTC
Hey David Faure, your fix works for me. :) With the changes applied, the calendar data is visible and Nextcloud stops throwing the exception about a bad request.
Comment 6 Wolfgang Bauer 2019-11-07 15:56:21 UTC
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