Bug 391907

Summary: Glide effect affects logout screen
Product: [Plasma] plasmashell Reporter: Janek Bevendorff <kde>
Component: generalAssignee: David Edmundson <kde>
Severity: normal CC: nate, plasma-bugs
Priority: NOR    
Version: 5.12.3   
Target Milestone: 1.0   
Platform: Arch Linux   
OS: Linux   
Latest Commit: Version Fixed In: 5.14

Description Janek Bevendorff 2018-03-16 00:31:27 UTC
The logout screen / overlay that appears when clicking the logout or shutdown button in the menu is affected by the Glide desktop effect.

I would expect this screen to always fade in, but instead it's scaled in like normal windows which looks really weird when Glide is active.
Comment 1 Nate Graham 2018-03-16 01:51:58 UTC
I have noticed this too, yes. It is bit odd.
Comment 2 Nate Graham 2018-06-01 16:18:17 UTC
author	Vlad Zagorodniy <vladzzag@gmail.com>	2018-06-01 10:17:43 (GMT)
committer	Vlad Zagorodniy <vladzzag@gmail.com>	2018-06-01 16:15:26 (GMT)
commit	c629d282acceaff5c6f35f06f20bdee52b167142 (patch)
tree	318ba60b03c22e98b36cb3c13e662fa68dcf7ff2
parent	6408e0ba6045d03b8872eab71060ac8d6f13ee9f (diff)
[effects/glide] Do not animate logout screenHEADmaster

Summary: BUG: 391907

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