Bug 329032

Summary: Better Integration with IBus
Product: [Applications] systemsettings Reporter: tesfabpel
Component: kcm_keyboardAssignee: Andriy Rysin <arysin>
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Severity: wishlist CC: cfeck, diogovk, duha.bugs, nate, null, postix, silvio.frischi, tmt_vdl
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Version: unspecified   
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OS: Linux   
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Description tesfabpel 2013-12-20 11:19:45 UTC
In the latest versions of GNOME, IBus is very well integrated in the system.
In fact, when you enable the Japanese keyboard layout (Kana Kanji), it automatically (and seamlessly) uses IBus without having to modify you .bashrc (like ibus-setup suggests) or doing anything by hand...

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. In the KDE's System Settings open the Input Devices kcm.
2. Enable the Japanese Keyboard Layout
Actual Results:  
Only the physical keyboard layouts are present and IBus is not activated.

Expected Results:  
"IBus layouts" should be present in the available japanese layouts and when one of those layouts is selected IBus is automatically set up, ready to use...
Comment 2 Christoph Feck 2013-12-21 02:05:45 UTC
Andriy, I am not familiar with keyboard layouts or input methods. Is this something that needs to be triggered from the layout switcher? Or is this lower level, i.e. needs to be handled inside Qt library?
Comment 3 Andriy Rysin 2013-12-25 17:25:50 UTC
I think InputMethod support needs to be integrated into KDE keyboard module. The problem is that I don't use IM and don't know much about it. I even had a potential project for this for GSoC 2013 but nobody picked it up.
Weng Xuetian suggested the implementation for this a bit ago on kde-devel (http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-devel&m=135828074517081&w=2) but it didn't go further than that.
I'll provide support for KDE keyboard module integration if somebody with good knowledge of IMs steps up to do the work.
Comment 4 Silvio Frischknecht 2015-04-21 18:18:30 UTC
Why is this bug not marked as critical? It precludes >1.5billion CJK users from using KDE at all. How can there be a more important bug than that?

I'd be willing to do some work. I regularly use ibus on kde but I'm no IM expert.
Comment 5 Andriy Rysin 2015-04-25 23:32:49 UTC
Yes, many users complained about problems when IM resets KDE's keyboard layout.
I don't know much about IM and I stepped down from active KDE development but I am willing to provide any help about KDE's keyboard module if needed.
Comment 6 Tim Van den Langenbergh 2015-05-07 19:42:36 UTC
Fcitx is integrated pretty well, and it's much less buggy then iBus, which (if I remember correctly) only has a GTK front-end anyway. I don't mind if you want better integration with IM's in general, but don't specify one until you've tried others.
Comment 7 Silvio Frischknecht 2015-05-08 11:04:12 UTC
I have made some more enquiries and it seems that the different IMs are popular for different languages. But I don't think it's even possible to change the IM while X is running.
Comment 8 Diogo Vinicius Kersting 2015-07-09 16:02:54 UTC
Hello Andriy, I've seen messages in the mailing list about integrating the selection of IME in kde settings.

I couldn't find if you got to a consensus.
So I'd like to ask a few questions on the matter, if you don't mind.

1) Is there any IME integration at all in KDE currently? (I've always had to disable kxkb and use 3rd party applications). (IME as optional dependency).
2) If we were to do IME integration, which one would be?
3) Would you have some sort of plan (i.e. sequence of steps) to get IME integration working with KDE (systemsettings/kxkb)?
Comment 9 Unknown 2020-09-22 00:25:02 UTC
What's the current status with this proposal?

Currently under KDE5/Plasma, if someone one to use ibus & ibus-hangul to type in Korean,he/she has to add 3-4 lines into '~/.bashrc' and then add 1 line into '~/.xprofile'. 

~/.bashrc: GTK_IM_MODULE, XMODIFIERS, QT_IM_MODULE (, ibus-daemon -drx)
~/.xprofile: QT_IM_MODULE

'~/.xprofile'is needed to QT apps work with the Korean input. I mean, if I only edit '~/.bashrc', QT apps such as 'konsole', 'dolphin' don't accept Korean input.