Bug 324963

Summary: general error on sending GPG encrypted mail after telling KMail to use untrusted key
Product: [Applications] kmail2 Reporter: Martin Steigerwald <Martin>
Component: cryptoAssignee: kdepim bugs <kdepim-bugs>
Severity: normal CC: hauke, k-QFxNw01tqj, sknauss
Priority: NOR Keywords: triaged
Version: 4.10.5   
Target Milestone: ---   
Platform: Debian unstable   
OS: Linux   
Latest Commit: Version Fixed In:

Description Martin Steigerwald 2013-09-16 14:39:13 UTC
Since "[Bug 44699] can't encrypt with gpg if the receiver's key is not signed" is fixed, KMail allows to send mails to untrusted keys. This worked for quite some time.

But recently I needed to send to untrusted key again and after confirming to KMail that I want to use that untrusted key, entered the passphrase I got a general error message that doesn´t tell much about the cause of the error.

Setting the key trust to fully trusted makes KMail sign and encrypt the mail just fine.

This has security implications as it user can only work-around it by setting a key to trusted they may not have had a chance to verify yet.

This might be a duplicate of

Bug 322708 - kmail should allow encrypting mails with keys of unknown/zero trust 

but since this bug doesn´t contain any detailed information, I don´t know for sure.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Sign and encrypt mail to a key that you do not fully trust.
2. Tell KMail to use that key nonetheless.
3. Enter your GPG key passphrase.
Actual Results:  
"Fehler beim Erstellen der Nachricht: Allgemeiner Fehler"

translated: "Error while creating mail: General error"

Expected Results:  
1) Sending to uncrypted mails works.

2) Any occurence of "general error" is replaced by an error message that is more descriptive than that (I can file another bug report for that one if needed)

martin@merkaba:~> apt-show-versions | egrep "(kmail|akonadi|gpg|gnupg)"
akonadi-backend-mysql:all/unknown 1.9.2-2 uptodate
akonadi-backend-sqlite:amd64/unknown 1.9.2-2+b1 uptodate
akonadi-server:amd64/unknown 1.9.2-2+b1 uptodate
akonadiconsole:amd64/unknown 4:4.10.5-2 uptodate
gnupg:amd64/unknown 1.4.14-1 uptodate
gnupg-agent:amd64/unknown 2.0.21-2 uptodate
gnupg2:amd64/unknown 2.0.21-2 uptodate
gpgsm:amd64/unknown 2.0.21-2 uptodate
gpgv:amd64/unknown 1.4.14-1 uptodate
kgpg:amd64/unknown 4:4.10.5-1 uptodate
kmail:amd64/unknown 4:4.10.5-2 uptodate
libakonadi-calendar4:amd64/unknown 4:4.10.5-1 uptodate
libakonadi-contact4:amd64/unknown 4:4.10.5-1 uptodate
libakonadi-kabc4:amd64/unknown 4:4.10.5-1 uptodate
libakonadi-kcal4:amd64/unknown 4:4.10.5-1 uptodate
libakonadi-kde4:amd64/unknown 4:4.10.5-1 uptodate
libakonadi-kmime4:amd64/unknown 4:4.10.5-1 uptodate
libakonadi-notes4:amd64/unknown 4:4.10.5-1 uptodate
libakonadiprotocolinternals1:amd64/unknown 1.9.2-2+b1 uptodate
libgnupg-interface-perl:all/unknown 0.46-3 uptodate
libgpg-error-dev:amd64/unknown 1.12-0.2 uptodate
libgpg-error0:amd64/unknown 1.12-0.2 uptodate
libgpgme++2:amd64/unknown 4:4.10.5-1 uptodate
libgpgme11:amd64/unknown 1.4.3-0.1 uptodate
libgpgme11-dev:amd64/unknown 1.4.3-0.1 uptodate
libqgpgme1:amd64/unknown 4:4.10.5-1 uptodate
python-gpgme:amd64/unknown 0.2-3 uptodate

(this are all from Debian Unstable, dunno why apt-show-versions doesn´t detect it correctly)
Comment 1 Hauke Laging 2014-01-04 08:53:20 UTC
I can confirm this bug. (KMail 4.10.5)
Comment 2 Sandro Knauß 2014-03-30 17:33:28 UTC
can you reproduce this bug in 4.12.2? So maybe it is a duplicate of Bug 328311, that is fixed within 4.12.2.
Comment 3 Andrew Crouthamel 2018-09-25 03:44:07 UTC
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Comment 4 Sebastian Kuhnert 2018-09-25 07:06:23 UTC
I just triaged this bug, and the feature now works as intended: When I select a non-trusted key for a recipient, a warning is shown when sending, but I can decide to encrypt to that key anyway.

I'm on KMail 5.2.3 from Debian stretch.