Bug 227887

Summary: Multiple separate screen handling broken
Product: [I don't know] kde Reporter: Kelly Price <bugs>
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Severity: normal CC: ad.darkman, Manfred.Knick, nickolay.mikhaylov
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Version: unspecified   
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Platform: Gentoo Packages   
OS: Linux   
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Attachments: xorg.conf that describes both monitors

Description Kelly Price 2010-02-21 05:01:21 UTC
Version:            (using KDE 4.4.0)
Compiler:          gcc (Gentoo 4.3.4 p1.0, pie-10.1.5) 4.3.4 
OS:                Linux
Installed from:    Gentoo Packages

KDE's handling of multiple separate screens has broken since KDE 3.5.  It cannot handle situations in which:

* Screens are different sizes, and therefore need to be handled separately.
* Screens are on two different physical cards.
* Xinerama is turned off.
* NVidia's TwinView is turned off.

In other words, you have :0.0 and :0.1, side by side, and the user set it up that way because it's the only way it works.

Of course, there's limitations.  You can't move windows from one screen to another, but users expect that because they're different screens on the same X11 server, and Xinerama is turned off.

Xinerama will not help, so you cannot depend on it.

What happens:  KDE 4.x (including 4.4) displays only on :0.0 and refuses to take up :0.1
What should of happened:  KDE takes up both displays.
What happened in 3.5:  KDE takes up both displays.
Comment 1 Kelly Price 2010-02-21 05:03:49 UTC
Created attachment 40973 [details]
xorg.conf that describes both monitors

Here's my current xorg.conf that describes both screens.  This works (with some minor problems) in KDE 3.5.
Comment 2 Alexandr Darkman 2010-03-01 19:57:17 UTC
The same problem. KWin 'maximise' do not correctly handles screen :0.1 - the resolution is taken from :0.0. Plasma does not start on screen:0.1
Keyboard shortcuts do not work on screen :0.1

In KDE 3.5 all works well.
Comment 3 Nickolay Mikhaylov 2011-02-25 10:46:31 UTC
*** This bug has been confirmed by popular vote. ***
Comment 4 Manfred Knick 2015-09-07 10:43:19 UTC
This bug is open since 2010-02-21
and _the_ major limitation to use KDE-4 (almost EOL now)
on serious multi-monitor workstation setups
till today = 2015-09-07.

Is anybody working at this?

Any hope for improvement in KDE-5 ?
Comment 5 Manfred Knick 2015-09-07 10:49:54 UTC
(In addition to Manfred Knick from comment #4)

I'd be happy to supply my configs (2 "card"s with 1+3=4 monitors = four screens)
or other information -
feel free to ask for whatever might help.
Comment 6 Manfred Knick 2015-09-07 16:02:13 UTC
(In reply to Manfred Knick from comment #4)

> Any hope for improvement in KDE-5 ?

Answer: Not yet - again:

. . . PLASMA only opens first screen and ignores all the rest.

(Mouse flows over all four of them;
plain X works as well as twm, fluxbox, xfce, ...)
Comment 7 Christoph Feck 2015-09-27 17:54:31 UTC

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 256242 ***