Bug 119797

Summary: OpenGL screensavers use only part of the screen (similar to #112872)
Product: kscreensaver Reporter: Nick Talbott <nickt>
Component: generalAssignee: kscreensaver bugs tracking <kscreensaver-bugs-null>
Severity: normal CC: paul.matthias
Priority: NOR    
Version: unspecified   
Target Milestone: ---   
Platform: Compiled Sources   
OS: Linux   
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Description Nick Talbott 2006-01-09 14:03:22 UTC
Version:            (using KDE KDE 3.5.0)
Installed from:    Compiled From Sources
Compiler:          gcc 3.3.4 Slackware 10
OS:                Linux

Maybe related to bugs 71823 and 112872

Just upgraded from 3.4.2 to 3.5.0 compiled from sources (Slackware 10).

GL screensaver only displays in top third of screen.  Other screensavers work fine.  Not seen this problem before and the only thing that has changed is the upgrade from 3.4.2 to 3.5.0.  (No hardware, configuration, library or other changes other than the updated KDE).

Graphics card is ATI Rage 128 Pro with XFree86 4.3.0, using ATI R128 driver (version 6.4.18) driving a 1280x1024 TFT panel.
Comment 1 Arthur B. 2006-01-31 05:39:56 UTC
Same problem, although running the kss from the console and setting it in fullscreen ( the title bar remains thus ) works perfectly. Weird.
Comment 2 Paul Matthias Diderichsen 2006-02-01 09:21:18 UTC
Same problem, although running an up2date'd FC4 system and i810 grafix driver on a 1680x1050 flat panel. The screen saver (gflux) also broke when upgrading to kde3.5.
Comment 3 Rex Dieter 2006-02-01 12:22:30 UTC
What version of xscreensaver? kde (often) triggers bugs in Versions <= 4.21.
Comment 4 Paul Matthias Diderichsen 2006-02-01 12:31:55 UTC
Sorry: That was supposed to have been kflux - not gflux. Although I have xscreensaver 4.21 installed, I guess xscreensaver does not influence the performance of the kss screensavers?
Comment 5 Rex Dieter 2006-02-01 12:36:32 UTC
If possible, upgrade xscreensaver > 4.21, and see if you can still reproduce the problem.
Comment 6 Nick Talbott 2006-02-01 13:36:48 UTC
Slackware does not use xscreensaver.  It uses xlock (actually xlockmore).  I was using xlockmore version 5.09 and have upgraded this to the latest 5.21 and the problem remains as before.  I wonder if this is related to use of xlock instead of xscreensaver?
Comment 7 Rex Dieter 2006-02-01 14:46:47 UTC
Nick, which screensavers are you seeing this behavior?
Comment 8 Nick Talbott 2006-02-01 15:14:49 UTC
Problem appears just with the GL screensavers.  The ones on my system are called... "Bitmap Flag", "Euphoria", "Fireworks 3D", "Flux", "Gravity", "Particle Fountain", "Solar Winds". I had Euphoria configured as my screensaver before the 3.5.0 upgrade otherwise I might not have noticed this.  Curiously the GL screensaver called "Space" comes up full screen!  All the other GL screensavers display on just the top part of the screen.  Can't tell exactly what the size is but I would guess it is around the top 500 pixels but the full 1280px width.  I've not found any non-GL screensavers that have this problem.  Thanks for input on this. :)  BTW the problem is not related to screen resolution.  For example, if I set 1024x768 or 800x600 I still only get the top part of the screen used (somewhat under half the vertical space - ie the same proportion as on a higher resolution mode) but the full width.
Comment 9 Rex Dieter 2006-02-01 15:17:09 UTC
OK, (most) of those mentioned aren't from xscreensaver, so we're back to square 1.
Comment 10 Stephen Baker 2006-07-10 22:36:25 UTC
I had a simular sounding problem, using GL Screensavers (space also worked fine)  using Ubuntu and Gentoo with KDE 3.5+ on an Intel 845GM running XOrg 6.  Turning off dri resolved the issue.
Comment 11 Oswald Buddenhagen 2007-05-18 20:29:12 UTC
sounds the same ...

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