Bug 118321

Summary: JS/UIX doesn't work in Konqueror
Product: [Applications] konqueror Reporter: Matej Cepl <mcepl>
Component: khtml ecmaAssignee: Konqueror Developers <konq-bugs>
Severity: wishlist CC: maksim
Priority: NOR    
Version: unspecified   
Target Milestone: ---   
Platform: unspecified   
OS: Linux   
Latest Commit: Version Fixed In:

Description Matej Cepl 2005-12-14 16:32:15 UTC
Version:           3.4.3 (using KDE 3.4.3, Debian Package 4:3.4.3-2 (testing/unstable))
Compiler:          Target: i486-linux-gnu
OS:                Linux (i686) release

JS/UIX is Unix kernel written in JavaScript (yes, that's correct -- Unix kernel written in JavaScript :-)). It is available on http://www.masswerk.at/jsuix/index.html and it works pretty well with Firefox 1.5 here, but Konqueror doesn't even allow me to login with keyboard (I had to use virtual keyboard and mouse). Just thought that (aside from being plainly cool :-)) it could be good testing for JavaScript compatibility.
Comment 1 Maksim Orlovich 2005-12-14 16:44:37 UTC
Login works for me with 3.5, but it seems to handle everything as uppercase.
Comment 2 Maksim Orlovich 2006-01-21 17:58:19 UTC
Uppercasing fixed in my kb events work branch. The only problem now is that khtml grabs / -- oops :-)
Comment 3 Maksim Orlovich 2006-01-22 01:54:18 UTC
SVN commit 501078 by orlovich:

OK, I am happy w/them now, and cartman says gmail even works.
Merging keyboard event improvements into normal 3.5 branch.
This improves DOM L3 events support and compatibility with other browsers,
as well as fixes a couple of crashers.

Oh,and I even fixed some apidocs to not be blatantly wrong!

 M  +44 -18    dom/dom2_events.cpp  
 M  +12 -18    dom/dom2_events.h  
 M  +163 -47   ecma/kjs_events.cpp  
 M  +44 -4     ecma/kjs_events.h  
 M  +22 -11    ecma/kjs_window.cpp  
 M  +2 -1      ecma/kjs_window.h  
 M  +12 -0     html/html_baseimpl.cpp  
 M  +15 -8     html/html_formimpl.cpp  
 M  +5 -2      rendering/render_replaced.cpp  
 M  +359 -245  xml/dom2_eventsimpl.cpp  
 M  +117 -46   xml/dom2_eventsimpl.h  
 M  +8 -5      xml/dom_docimpl.cpp  
 M  +5 -1      xml/dom_nodeimpl.cpp